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This symbolic moment is captured in the documentary feature, “Back to Berlin”, which follows eleven modern day motor bikers on a mission to carry the Maccabiah torch, and fly the Israeli flag from Tel Aviv to Berlin.

This is the first biker flick-meets-holocaust feature documentary. Eleven motor bikers’ mission is to take the Maccabiah torch from Israel to the site of Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics. Our riders, like the Nazis’ torch relay for the 1936 Olympics, carry their torch from Athens to Berlin but this time take a detour via Auschwitz.

As resurgent populism and anti-Semitism once again rear their ugly heads,  this film brings an important message through the voices of those who have been personally affected by one of the darkest pages in human history.  This isn’t simply a “Jewish” story.  It is the story of people overcoming the worst from fellow man to restate our common humanity. 


Luria Media is a London-based media company formed to create substantive content while revealing human truths through riveting narratives and compelling visuals. 


Luria Media prides itself on creating passionate and collaborative platforms to foster creativity and discover new ways of looking at our collective past, our present, our future and ourselves.



Catherine trained as a journalist to be of the youngest investigative journalists for the Sunday Times/Business Times in South Africa. She is a UK Member of the Foreign Press Association and was the European Correspondent for the New York-based TV Channel, JBS.

She is currently expanding her film/media endeavors to include other subjects close to her heart as a fight against injustice e.g. plight of war veterans and dementia.

Catherine conceived the idea of Back to Berlin while working as a TV correspondent to cover the 2013 Maccabiah Games (Jewish Olympics) in Israel when she learnt that the German government would host the Jewish Summer Games at the infamous 1936 Waldbuhne Stadion, site of Hitler’s 1936 Olympics, for the very first time. For her, it meant an “ironic moment to capture” and go BACK TO BERLIN. 

“Back to Berlin is as
hard-hitting as it is
awe inspiring.”

- Martin Carr, Top10Films

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